Camp principles


If you’re interested in an immersive experience, readily respectful, reliably responsible, thoroughly thoughtful, and turned on by teamwork, we are so excited to have you, no matter who the f*ck you are. We expect you to welcome others with open arms and an open heart. 


We’ve all got gifts and resources to varying degrees, TONIC is looking for people willing to share them. While the aim is to enjoy sharing these gifts together, be prepared to make sacrifices as well.

Positive atmosphere

Being part of TONIC is work, but above all it should be fun. It is a priority to us to maintain a welcoming and friendly environment with other camp members and visitors. Healthy conflict is, well, healthy, but no one comes to Burning Man to argue. Assume positive intent and keep it fun. 

Individual responsibility

In order to succeed as a team, each individual has to take responsibility and ownership of the project as a whole. If you’ve said you’re going to do something, do it. Look for opportunities to help. Be proactive and able to balance your personal needs with camp commitments.

Curation of camp

We like to think we’re building something really special here that can be as meaningful for campmates as it is to visitors. Some of the things making TONIC special are an atmosphere of fun, a uniquely creative and engaging experience, and a desire to participate. We are a group of humans who come to Burning Man to engage and delight others as much as we come to enrich our own experience.

Open communication

We value open and clear communication, always striving in each interaction to boost each other up. We are committed to solving challenges together by talking them through and employing fair decision making. Compromise is expected and consent is paramount.


We are committed to building a community that exists beyond BRC into the default world as well. We strive to be a part of each other’s lived experiences in a meaningful way, and to invest in relationships that better all of our lives year-round.

Principle forward

The 10 principles of Burning Man are our North Star. We strive to uphold them at all costs.


Whether it’s hosting a workshop, taking shifts, manual labor or organizing outside of the Burn, being a part of the team with the team’s best interests in mind is the only way we make this work.


We are excited by the opportunities afforded us in Tonic to play make believe, manifest the unexpected, create authentically, and to be a part of something bigger.