Policies and deadlines

Deadline overview

  • Feb. 1 – Statement of intent (returning campmates)
  • June 1 – Camp fees due 
  • June 30 – Deadline to receive 100% refund
  • July 31 – Deadline to receive 50% refund
  • Aug. 1 – No refunds cutoff

Camp dues 

Tonic’s dues structure is reflective of the many costs of keeping Camp Tonic alive and improving. Taking into account both the many types of expenses and the various levels of interest an individual may have to rejoin year over year, the following options are available: 

Elixir Magnates

These campmates make additional investments into Tonic and meet regularly throughout the year to determine camp logistics, development, and direction (they make and amend these rules, for instance), and they intend to camp with Tonic for the foreseeable future. Benefits include having first right of first refusal to tickets secured for Camp Tonic through the Stewards Sale program. To be considered an Elixir Magnate, campmates must:

  • Pay dues at the annual Elixir Magnates set level for 3 years 
  • Join 90% of camp planning meetings throughout the year
  • Not miss more than 2 years camping with Tonic (or all Magnate requirements reset)
  • Elixir Magnate dues for 2023 are $600

Remedy Retailers

These campmates have an enthusiasm for the dusty arts practiced by the Strong Tonic Center for Vitality, and are expected to take part in 90% of Camp meetings occurring between July and September.

  • Join 90% of camp planning meetings between July and September
  • Access to camp-provided infrastructure
  • Remedy Retailers dues for 2023 are $400

Reduced dues

If Camp dues are the prohibiting factor in your trip to Black Rock City, Tonic offers a Reduced Dues option on a limited basis. These reduced rates are the minimum we can offer while still keeping a fair price for others and maintaining basic needs of the camp. Any additional dues paid up to the set Dues schedule are appreciated but not required. The following conditions must be met:

  • Must have applied for low-income tickets (not necessarily received)
  • Reduced dues option can only be used by the same person once every 3 years
  • Awarded on first come first serve basis if above criteria met


By written request, camp fees may be refunded in full through June 30. From July 1-31, fees can be refunded at 50%. Beginning Aug. 1, there will be no refunds of camp fees. 

Canceling attendance with camp for admitted campers

Life happens and extenuating circumstances will always be considered. However, if you are admitted to camp but cannot go to Burning Man 2023 please cancel your attendance before Aug. 1, 2023. Cancellations after this date, excluding a legitimate family or personal emergency, will be taken into account if you apply with camp again.  

Fiscal authority

Radical self-reliance and expression are encouraged but camp funds are collectively managed by Elixer Magnates. As such, all purchases using camp funds need to be approved. Elixer Magnates are authorized to spend up to $100 for budgeted purposes. Individual purchases (if seeking reimbursement) of over $100 need to be approved in advance. All spending (if seeking reimbursement) by other members needs to be approved in advance. Please also note that storage space is currently maxed out and we will not be able to store any additional personal or camp items at this time.

Camp responsibilities

Everyone camping with the Strong Tonic Center for Vitality is expected to adhere to the 10 Principles of Burning Man, as well as our own Camp Principles. This means taking an active role in camp responsibilities, working with a communal mindset, and following through on your commitments. We try to provide a schedule that maximizes everyone’s individual Burn while also providing a unique and meaningful gift to the playa.

Burn week responsibilities

Our work agreement with our camp members is designed to be balanced between maximum playa-gift and maximum burn-time for you. Every camp member is a worker and we justify our presence and good placement on-playa with a fantastic playa gift: our magical clinic offering.

  • During the burn, you’ll work at least 2 shifts at the clinic (you can always come to more if you like). 
  • You must sign up for one meal on the camp calendar, and a meal cleanup.
  • Additional camp needs such as ice, MOOP sweeps, recycling and compost, and cleanup after clinic hours are available for signup. Because the size of camp is small, these may not currently be assigned, but everyone is expected to pitch in and help.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the role-play atmosphere of clinic hours, you may contribute to camp by signing up for extra responsibilities during the week such as above listed ice runs, MOOP sweeps, recycling and compost duties, taking on additional meals, and cleanup.

Build and strike

Build starts Friday morning. Campmates unable to help with build are expected to sign up for additional duties listed above to support throughout the week. Strike starts on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. All campmates are expected to stay and help strike until 7:30 p.m. Saturday. You may stay after this time, but camp infrastructure will be gone, so ensure you have a plan for food and shade. A final MOOP sweep will happen at camp on Sunday morning around 7 a.m. Anyone leaving camp after this time is required to perform an additional MOOP sweep of the camp.

Camp provisions

  • Solar shower setup (you must provide your own water).
  • 5 camp meals.
  • A shaded kitchen area with hand and dishwashing station, gas 2-burner stove, pots, pans, and other cookware, disposable plates, bowles, and cutlery.
  • A shade structure over your tent (limited space available).
  • Greywater evaporation.

Application process

Intent to camp

Returning Tonic members who wish to be considered for tickets acquired by the camp must submit a written statement of intent to camp for that year by Feb. 1. New members are requested to give intent by March 1 to ease planning, but paid camp fees will also be considered intent. Tent camping under shade and RV camping are assigned as available, with priority given to campmates who have paid dues in full.

New members


  1. Read our Camp Principles.
  2. Apply by filling out a questionnaire.

After applying, what’s next:

  1. Elixer Magnates will review your application
  2. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll set up a time to meet virtually for around 30 minutes.
  3. You’ll be notified via email if you were accepted into camp 24 hours after meeting

After accepted welcome email:

  1. Submit your camp dues by due date.
  2. Sign up for clinic shifts and meals in our shared Google Doc.
  3. You’ll be added via Google Calendar to all upcoming camp calls this summer.